ArtAssure President Asher Edelman Featured in The Deal – The euro has been verging on collapse, unemployment is high, the housing market low, and angry people have taken to the streets. And, oh yes, the art market is booming. Recent notable examples: A 1961 comic book motif painting by Roy Lichtenstein of a man looking through a keyhole, “I Can See the Whole Room! … and There’s Nobody in It!,” set an auction record for the artist at $43 million. “Rhein II” — a monotonous, large-format print of the river under a gray sky by German artist Andreas Gursky — marked a new high for a photograph after it went for $4.3 million. All is well, it seems, at the most rarefied reaches of the art world. That may be set to change, says Asher Edelman. Read more.