We specialize in asset-based lending using art, and art alone, as collateral. We offer interim loans at competitive rates for both buyers and sellers who wish to obtain liquidity. We assist or arrange for the financing of collections, individual works of art, dealer inventories, estates, trusts, legal settlements, and entire auctions.

We serve collectors, art dealers and galleries, wealth managers and other professionals:

• Collectors by allowing them to unlock the value of their collection while maintaining possession of the artworks.

• Art dealers and galleries by enabling them to secure liquidity to expand their operations and finance their inventories.

• Wealth managers, estate planners, lawyers and other professionals by providing them with additional flexibility to manage and monetize their clients’ collections.

How does it Work?

We review and appraise the art proposed as collateral. Upon determining the current fair market value, we issue a term sheet.

We perform extensive research allowing us to verify the provenance, ownership, authenticity and market liquidity of the art.

We complete the due diligence process and fund loans between 2-4 weeks after receipt of the artwork and documents.