June 2013

ArtAssure Now Offering Art Loans from $250,000 to $250,000,000

ArtAssure Ltd. is pleased to announce it is now offering art loans at competitive rates from $250,000 to $250,000,000. This reduction in ArtAssure’s minimum loan amount, previously held at $1 million, marks a new step forward for the art financing firm’s ability to provide short-term liquidity to art collectors and professionals. For more information about ArtAssure’s art lending services, please contact an ArtAssure representative by phone at 212-288-8860 or by email at

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ArtAssure and the November Auctions


As we come out of the May season it is evident that auction, especially for premium auctionable art, is the most obvious and, often, the most successful sale venue. As this fact becomes more apparent, it is also apparent that there are just so many slots available to sellers. Even when space is available will it be the placement that reflects the quality of the art works?

ArtAssure specializes in representing and assisting sellers at auction and otherwise. We assist in gaining access to the primary auction houses, negotiating advantageous financial terms, arranging the best possible catalog placement, reviewing catalog entries, providing research backup, help shaping the marketing program for important works and assisting in molding a contract of sale that  is appropriate for you.

We provide interim (bridge) financing for clients who wish to take an advance against an auction or private sale. Guarantees can be arranged for collections or individual works of art. All in all we can provide guidance in the placement of works of art to your advantage working towards the best prices with minimum transaction costs.

If the November auctions are a probability on the horizon for you, contact us now. The demand for space is accelerating. The urgency for early placement is greater than ever.

Asher Edelman / +1-212-472-7770
Adelaide Roset / +1-212-472-7771
Ethan Vallarino / +1-212-288-8858
Andrew Dermont / +1-212-288-8860


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