Achieve Better Results Selling at Auction this May

Each auction season the major auction houses are deluged with submissions earlier than the last, making it imperative to place even the highest quality artworks well in advance of upcoming auctions. If you are considering selling a work or collection of modern, impressionist, post-war, or contemporary art at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips, or Bonhams this Spring, now is the time to submit your works for estimates of value, negotiation, and ultimate sale.

Achieving the maximum value for your art can itself seem an art. ArtAssure offers the following services to the benefit of experienced collectors and first-time auction sellers alike:

Estimates of Value

We examine your work or collection and provide price estimates to give you an objective assessment of the potential return on your investment.


After valuing your collection, we determine which artworks will be best sold privately and which will be best sold at auction. For works placed at auction, we guide you to the ideal venue for your sale, based upon the house’s respective potential for achieving your goals.

Financial and Contractual Arrangements

We serve as your liaison to the auction house, advocating on your behalf to secure more beneficial sales terms than otherwise regularly received, including advantageous financial arrangements, stronger legal agreements, and a superior marketing effort.

Interim Financing and Guarantees

If desired, we can arrange financing in advance of your sale and/or derive a guarantee for the price for your work or collection, whether it is sold privately or at auction.


As part of our negotiations, we work to achieve the best marketing effort for your work or collection, including but not limited to catalogue placement, lot positioning, and advertising.


According to a recent New York Times article the New York Court of Appeals has decided to review a recent ruling that could force the state’s auction industry to end its longstanding practice of keeping sellers’ names anonymous. ArtAssure’s services provide total anonymity when selling privately or at auction.

Though these services complement each other, all may be tailored to your specific goals. We encourage you to contact us by telephone (212-288-8860) or email ( with your inquiries.

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